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What We Offer

We offer a variety of Immunisation Training Packages to suit all your needs. All our training courses have been developed in line with the recommended National Minimum Standards for immunisation training produced by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) in 2005 and are based on achieving the required competencies indicated in the HPA Core Curriculum Training.

Registered Nurses Initial Immunisation.

Registered Nurses Update / Travel Training.

Health Care Assistants Initial Immunisation.

Health Care Assistants B12 Training.

In House Immunisation Training.

HCAs / Pharmacists Update Training.

Did You Know... ?


We are a Company providing professional Immunisation Training owned by Wendy Francis MA, RN, RHV. We have trainers with extensive experience in immunisations who have worked as Senior/Consultant Nurses within the local Health Protection Agency and NHS organisations for many years. All the trainers have been immunisation coordinators, providing advice and support to a variety of clinical staff and have a wealth of experience in teaching and training.


Welcome to Immunisation Training


See photos of our recent, universally acclaimed  training days here and here.

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Registered Nurses Initial Travel Vaccines.